Weight, substance, and other forms of existence

The English language is filled to the brim, permeated in every dimension with colourful metaphors that emphasize a weightlessness, lack of substance. From being swept away by a surprise kiss, a dazzling array of displays or a tantalizing taste, to being brought back down to earth, feeling light as a feather, and so on.

Indeed, it’s all too easy to get swept up in a busy lifestyle; one that keeps you happy and preoccupied now and for the next week, month, season even. But, what is more important, is striving for a sustainable life.

A sustainable life requires present sacrifice, but reaps more rewards in the long term than you could ever imagine. A sustainable life needs you to think about not just what you want to do today, but what you will want in the future, and taking care of those needs. It’s a form of self-care that transcends time, and surges through our present-bias, to care for ourselves in a way that returns a different kind of inner peace.

In this way, what we do today carries significant weight. We lay the groundwork, the foundation, every morning we wake up and begin our tasks for the day; the wakening of our muscles from stone, the importance of measures we take or decisions we make. In this sense, it’s important to refrain from the rustle and hustle of the crowd, but rather listen to what you believe your future-self would want to see, feel and experience.

It’s a process, and this doesn’t mean you harm yourself for not being where you want to be today. It just means you invest in taking little measures, slowly but surely, and – most importantly – consistently, to get there.

The English language is filled with many contradictions and ironies, but metaphors prove a riddle and revelation both.

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